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Robert Ferri Investor Relations Crisis Management

A crisis is any situation that disrupts a company’s operations, undermines the loyalty of its customer base or harms its financial performance.  In short, a crisis – be it related to the underlying business, regulatory action or shareholder activism – represents a significant risk to an enterprise.

Robert Ferri provides comprehensive strategic planning, skilled advice and logistical support in crisis situations, as well as risk management planning to ensure optimal ongoing preparedness.  Our team of professionals has a strong reputation earned through its work in a wide range of crises involving publicly traded and highly regulated companies. The stakes in such situations are high, the time in which the company must respond is short, and the margin for error is slim. 

Robert Ferri is often called upon to implement and execute a program quickly and effectively.  Additionally, Robert Ferri frequently complements a Chief Executive Officer’s internal staff and outside advisors.  Structured for maximum flexibility and rapid response, Robert Ferri works on both short-term projects and extended assignments.  The firm is dedicated to helping the client develop and enhance its crisis communication capabilities and – when a crisis actually occurs – to maximizing the limited time available.

Our crisis team typically deals directly with a client’s C-level management, as well as with its public relations and public affairs professionals, outside legal counsel and financial advisors.  The purpose is not only to determine what to say – and to whom – but also to ensure that those communications are integrated with the company’s overall goals.


Robert Ferri Investor Relations - Crisis Management

Depending on the situation and our client’s needs, Robert Ferri’s services include:

  • Issue response

  • Managing or serving on a company crisis committee

  • Preparing materials – news releases, statements, Q&A's, position papers, backgrounders, third-party testimony

  • Serving as liaison with investors, partners and other constituencies

  • Constituency building

  • Media relations, press conferences and media tours

  • Media training for key spokespersons

  • Monitoring media coverage, analyzing coverage and correcting mistakes

  • Identifying third-party influencers as spokespersons

  • Establishing and staffing hot lines 

  • Working with outside advisors – attorneys, investigators, insurance firms, etc.

  • Developing employee communications materials

  • Conducting research

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